Man’s Best Friend

Mikael Wagner
4 min readApr 2

One of my early memories was watching television as a boy and hearing one unique message over and over again until I started to believe it. In many of the commercials selling pet food or products, the message was clear, “A dog is a man’s best friend.” My young brain absorbed the message and believed the message to be true.

Where did the phrase ‘a dog is a man’s best friend’ come from? It is claimed that the first time the phrase ‘man’s best friend’ was used, was in 1789 by King Frederick of Prussia. “The only, absolute, and best friend that a man has, in this selfish world, the only one that will not betray or deny him, is his DOG.

Over the past 3 years of living in a new country, I started watching the huge number of dog owners. Whenever I go for walks, dogs often pull their owners in my direction. It’s almost as if they know I am going to pet them and often may secretly give them a delicious treat. Often I asked the owners why they love their dogs so much. Almost everyone said their dog is a loyal mate. Several people said dogs are great company too. Even when you’re feeling lonely and down, they’re there, staring back at you with those puppy dog eyes of love. Often those walking their dogs appear to be unfriendly or maybe not happy to see an extrovert like me connecting with their loyal friend. It makes me smile because they are just as friendly as their dog. My move led to my adoption by 2 dogs that developed a fondness for me and taught me how to love them back. They always put a smile on my face.

Here are 10 reasons why a dog is a man’s or woman’s best friend:

  1. Dogs are great company
  2. We have mutually beneficial relationships
  3. Dogs are always excited to see us
  4. They will do anything for us
  5. They teach us things about life
  6. They love us unconditionally
  7. Dogs can benefit our health
  8. Like, true friends, Dogs are there no matter what
  9. They protect us
  10. They have incredible skills and talents

To my surprise, I have also witnessed several rather cruel dog owners. Some seem very angry and not very interested in walking a dog or themselves around the block. Dogs are often used…

Mikael Wagner

Mikael Wagner is a communications project manager with focus on health promotion, public relations , marketing and focus group facilitation.